Friday, 18 November 2016

Moving Company Paperwork that is needed for Residential Relocation

It’s pretty boring to deal with the tasks related to moving. Packing items for day, weeks or even months and turning the lifestyle into nomadic one by disconnecting services and putting necessary items out of reach is not only boring but scaring. Nevertheless, there is even more boring task that awaits you ahead of moving day, i.e. dealing with the paperwork that moving company provides you. This length of this tiresome reading can sometimes drive you to make a mistake; for instance, signing the papers without reading them completely.

No matter how boring or difficult it is to read the company’s paperwork, you should read it completely and carefully. If you are failing to understand any point call the moving company and discuss the issue to get complete understanding.

Here is a checklist that you should complete in order to make your move smoother.

The price estimate
Moving price estimate is perhaps the first documentation that you should receive from the moving company. Read the estimate carefully and match the final price with the sum of individual tasks mentioned in the estimate. If that math is simple and you are able to understand the formula according to which you are charged, that's fine. If you don’t, read the estimate again and find the most confusing factor. Call the moving company and request for the clarification about the estimate. If you still don’t understand, ask them again. This questioning is the process that will create a relation of trust between you and the moving company.

The order of service
Upon finding the price estimate and conditions suitable, now you will call the moving company to inform them that you are willing to acquire their services. After that, they will send you an order of service, which is a document that states several services that company can offer along with the policies that are applicable. The main elements of this document include date of picking items, date of delivering, recommendation about packaging supplies, cancellation policy, and type of vehicle to be used etc. Read the document carefully and don’t sign it immediately. Call the service again and try to explore if there are any hidden charges that will be later masked as taxes.

Bill of lading

Bill of lading is an extremely important document that you will receive on the moving day. You must sign this document before the moving begins. The best practice is to match the terms and prices mentioned in the bill with the document copy of order of service. Make sure that statements in both these documents are synchronized. If there is a difference, ask from the movers for the clarification about that difference.

Inventory sheet
The final document that you should get is the inventory sheet. Inventory sheet should contain a list of all the items that you are going to move to the new house. The additional benefit that you can get from this document is that it will serve as a checklist at destination. There, you can make sure that all of the listed items are delivered at your new home.